Our Fees

At McDonald Property Rentals, we believe in being upfront and clear about any fees you'll be required to pay as part of the lettings process.

As part of the rental process with McDonald Property Rentals, as a tenant or a landlord, you may be required to pay some fees. These cover the costs of the administration and management of certain products and services.

Fees for tenants

Application Upfront: £25

Application Fee: £100 (the upfront application will be deducted from this figure)

Guarantor Fee: £75

Signup Fees: £50

Continuation Fees: £40

Landlord Reference: £30

Fees for landlords

Additional Property Inspections (Rent Collection and Let Only): £30

Written Valuation: £75

Inspection Report: £80

Lease and Inventory: £200

All fees include VAT. If you’d like to discuss any of our fees or get further information, call us on 01253 823135, or email enquiries@mprentals.co.uk